Comment Policy

Just to be clear, you can comment using your name, a nickname or even the famous Anonymous.

I am a believer in the bible tenet that we ought to treat others the same way we would want to be treated. Luke 6:31, this basically covers the comment policy of Awaken Dads.

Awaken Dads’ main focus is to create a space for Dads and I welcome your input and appreciate it greatly. However, I reserve the right to delete comments for the following reasons among other legitimate reasons:

  • Erroneous Teaching.

    As much as Christians, the world over, might walk hand-in-hand in this journey of faith, they don’t always see eye-to-eye on every thing and therefore healthy and respectful debate is encouraged but any teaching that is deemed detrimental or offensive to the faith of the readers of Awaken Dads WILL be ignored. I am partially responsible for what appears on Awaken Dads.

  • Personal attacks.

    Kindly feel free to agree, disagree or add your insight to the topic or subject being discussed but CEASE and DESIST from Personal insults of any kind; insults are pointless and not edifying.

  • Linking to websites of opposing views.

    A stunt like ” I do not agree with Mike and the readers here should check out [link]” is a definite way to get blocked. Awaken Dads will not entertain views contrary to the Bible or its mission.

  • Sales Promotions.

    This site will not drive sales for other sites. Periodically, I may suggest a book(s) or product(s) and maybe even have an affiliate link but all this is done with personal discretion. THOSE INTERESTED IN SUCH KIND OF THING SHOULD USE THEIR WEBSITES TO PROMOTE THEIR PRODUCTS.

I purpose to read all comments and reply to as many as time allows. I appreciate you for taking time to give your feedback. I will try as much as possible to answer your questions in the comment section within a day or two and in case it takes longer, know that I am seeking divine wisdom to answer you. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

I appreciate all readers.

May God bless your family and your parenting.