Core Beliefs


We believe that as fathers, we get our identity and example from God – The Father. Of all the roles He associates with, one of them is as Father. Therefore a relationship with Him through His Son – Jesus is encouraged

Fathers are important

In society, the role of the man in the family has been downplayed to a mere option and not a necessity, but the effect of this mindset has been seen in the effects of fatherlessness.

There is no one-size-fits-all way of fatherhood

We are all unique according to the divine will of God. With differences in background and experience, there is no one way that will automatically work in every situation hence the emphasis on principles rather than methodology.

This blog is not for everyone

This is a blog that is greatly influenced by the Christian faith, in case that isn’t obvious, and multiple references to the Bible and other Christian literature will be found here, alongside a heavy leaning towards principles that are steeped in the Christian world view. Therefore, for those who do not subscribe to this belief system might find it offensive and are humbly welcome to leave. No hard feelings though!

The sanctity of the marriage union

Our belief is that fatherhood achieves it’s highest purpose within the marriage union as children are to be born and raised within that union but life happens and things don’t always fit this ideal but we DO NOT condemn or shun anyone, we are ourselves living by God’s grace and therefore welcome all.

Some parental issues are beyond the capacity of a blogger and father to tackle

We appreciate that life has its own complexities and they generate situations that may be out of the scope of this website. Therefore, when need be, reference to other sources will be greatly encouraged.

We can disagree about specifics in fatherhood

It is agreed that we are all at different points on our walk of faith and therefore this might bring about disagreements but our hope is that these differences in view will be aired with respect and from a point of Love and sometimes we must agree to disagree, agreed? The point should be to sharpen each other – proverbs 27:17.


We believe that the journey of fatherhood cannot be done in isolation and therefore encourage fathers to seek to be accountable to other fathers, spiritual leaders and above all to God, as fatherhood is a privilege granted to us.