What we are about

Well… To know what inspired the birth of Awaken Dads, then check it out at my story page

So what exactly is Awaken Dads about?

The short version…

This is just one father (with other fathers) encouraging other fathers on the journey of fatherhood, especially those that didn’t have a father to show them how its done and those who have learnt hacks along the way.

The Extended version of the story…

Awaken Dads is a community of fathers encouraging each other on the journey of fatherhood.

Awaken dads is an acronym – A.W.A.K.E.N which stands for:


This is to motivate fathers to be aware that fatherhood is a privilege and should be held with utmost reverence as it holds the power to influence the future.


This is to encourage fathers of the fact that fatherhood, like all worthwhile endeavors in life, requires work to keep it fresh and full of impact in the lives of their children.


This is to remind fathers that quantity time with their children is important. Encouraging fathers to be present; physically, emotionally, spiritually and in all other ways that their children require. This is a full on war on absentee fatherhood.


This is to encourage fathers to HAVE FUN with their children. Play games, act-a-fool. This is basically encouraging fathers to loosen up and allow their children to know them in that way.


This is where fathers are encouraged to focus on having quality time with their children to get to know them, their interests, their dreams, their fears; basically what makes their children tic – this can only be done when quality time is curved out of quantity time (being around).


This is where fathers are encouraged to steer their children on the right path in life, help them navigate the rough waters of life by being examples first, and then encouraging their children to pursue a life of purpose.

These also represent the goals of Awaken Dads.