Welcome to Awaken Dads!

My name is Michael Oyugi, and this is a blog on Fatherhood – a subject that I am very passionate about hence the reason I started writing about it.  To understand why this particular subject is close to my heart, head on to My Story.

My hope is that Awaken Dads will be a place where Dads come to hang out, put their heads together, discuss, disagree (amicably, I hope!) and ultimately, encourage each other on the journey of godly fatherhood.

Fatherless-ness is a crisis whose devastation continues to destroy lives, families and the society at large, just see this.

My hope and dream for Awaken Dads is that this will become support forum for dads and would-be dads to heed the Master’s call to teach the next generation the precepts of God as it is in Deuteronomy 11:19.

My desire is that as I share my experiences and lessons on fatherhood, you will throw in your input and together, we will create a support-system for the next generation.