The Pain of Secret Sins on Your Legacy – Ravi Zacharias

Life has a way of throwing things into the light at the most inappropriate of times. On your wedding day, that is the time a long-lost fling wants to inform you, along with everyone else, that the tryst you had when you didn’t know any better spawned a mini-you. Or that your dad has had […]

man hiding face in palm

Being A Good Father And A Failing Husband

Failing at anything is not a good feeling especially when you feel like you’re giving it all that you have. Failure brings about that tight-knot feeling in your throat as if you’re trying to swallow a tennis ball or the feeling like you have just had all the air in your lungs knocked out. Failing […]

Christmas Is Here People!..SO WHAT?

CHRISTMAS. What does that word mean to you? I don’t know what CHRISTMAS means for and to you and your family, but it sure has a heavy meaning in mine. This is a festive time, and as almost always, my wife is worrying herself sick about what she will cook, what my daughters will wear […]

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Value-Based Parenting Pt. 1

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re all dressed up, your wife and child in tow, heading to a friend’s function, and while there everything is going on well then your child breaks out in prayer and everyone is surprised at how well brought up they are? Well…. That hasn’t happened to me […]