Even Strong Dads have Weaknesses

“Not you Mike! This can’t be happening to you! not you fam!” is what a friend said to me when I told him about my crumbling marriage, he continued, “If it has happened to you, then I am never getting married”. As much as that was flattering in some weird way to be put on […]

Picking yourself Up and Starting Over; Still Dad

This might have a nihilistic bend to it, but life is pain management. The 2nd law of Thermodynamics has it in simple terms – that all matter is in a state of increasing entropy. In other words, Chaos is constant and increasing and not order as you would expect. Bummer! Why would I start the […]

The Pain of Secret Sins on Your Legacy – Ravi Zacharias

Life has a way of throwing things into the light at the most inappropriate of times. On your wedding day, that is the time a long-lost fling wants to inform you, along with everyone else, that the tryst you had when you didn’t know any better spawned a mini-you. Or that your dad has had […]

man hiding face in palm

Being A Good Father And A Failing Husband

Failing at anything is not a good feeling especially when you feel like you’re giving it all that you have. Failure brings about that tight-knot feeling in your throat as if you’re trying to swallow a tennis ball or the feeling like you have just had all the air in your lungs knocked out. Failing […]