Today or tomorrow? for which are you parenting?

Goals are wishes with a timeline attached to them. We all have wishes for our kids, but do we have goals for our parenting? Every single thing we do as parents is a choice and with that comesĀ  consequences, as adults this glaring fact goes without saying, but do we pass that same reasoning to […]

clock immersed in water

copper statue of child inside the palm

Harm or Hurt – Which one are you keeping them from?

  To every dad, the defacto superman in the house, keeping harm and hurt at bay is part of the job description. Some pull it off with ease while some fail most of the times – like me, but not all the time though, otherwise what business would I have writing to fellow dads? We […]

IDENTITY- as you impart it, WHERE do you get yours?

it is very interesting how no parent wants the worst for their kids..unless you’re talking of Mr. Gomez and his wife Morticia of the cartoon ‘The Addams family’. Every dad wants the best and only the best for their children and this reason, as noble and commendable as it is can be, has seen the […]

illustration of man searching for identity